Want to know why we did what we did and do what we do? Here is a compilation of our most frequently asked questions:

Q: Where are Color Scents made?
A: We are proud to manufacture our Color Scents trash bags in the USA in Aurora, Il and Victoria, TX by Berry Global Corporation headquartered in Evansville, IN.
Q: Are there any harmful chemicals in Color Scents trash bags that I should be aware of?
A: Absolutely not! No harmful or toxic chemicals are used in the production of our Color Scents trash bags. So feel free to use our bags not just in trash cans, but litter boxes, storage bins, or anywhere that could use some fragrant sprucing up!
Q: Can I use Color Scents trash bags to store food?
A: While there are no harmful chemicals used in the production of our bags, we discourage using them for food storage. Though fragrant and festive, we still manufacture them to be durable for everyday trash, not for food. Color Scents is your fragrant choice for trash!
Q: Who can I contact if there’s an issue with my Color Scents phph bags?
A: Your comments are very important to us! Please use the contact page on our website or call the toll free customer support number at 1-888-458-7420 if you are experiencing any problems. Please include a description of your issue and the best method for someone on our Color Scents team to contact you. Your helpful feedback will ensure that we continue to provide the highest quality products that fit your budget and get the job done right!
Q: What about if I have a comment or suggestion?
A: Have a suggestion for a new Color Scents trash bag? Want to let us know about your favorite scent? We appreciate your feedback! Please use the contact page to send us your thoughts. As it always has, your feedback will help shape the future of Color Scents trash bags.
Q: Why did the Color Scents packaging and assortment change?
A: You asked, and we listened! The new Color Scents brand of trash bags was developed with the combined input of both loyal and new consumers to ensure a variety of scents, closure types and sizes for every room in your house. We promise that despite these changes our commitment to quality will remain the same. Feel free to send us suggestions and/or your feedback on our new scents. We would especially like to hear which scents are your favorites.
Q: Can I purchase Color Scents from your website?
A: While we appreciate your enthusiasm, at this time we do not sell our product on the Color Scents website. If you are having any trouble locating Color Scents trash bags please click on the the contact page tab and complete the ‘Contact Us’ form, and we’ll help you locate the closest retailer. We will make sure to always keep you armed and ready to take out trash odors!