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We are Color Scents

Color Scents is a modern household products brand that relates, understands, and communicates authentically with its customers. Cultivated and driven to solve everyday home challenges in a beautiful way, Color Scents is a friend (and hero, when needed) and can be counted on for life’s toughest messes with the science of strength.

Capture the Strength + Beauty of Color Scents.

All of our products fit into your everyday life with style

  • Color Forward
  • Lightly scented and bring the colors to life
  • Strong enough to get the job done
  • Approachable and Easy to use
  • Creative and Clever
  • Crafted in the USA
  • Affordably priced

Our scent is delicate.
Our trash bags are not.

That’s why our fans say Color Scents is the best scented trash bag on the market. Color Scents trash bags are crafted with the science and art of color, scent and extraordinary product performance. Our colorful trash bags are designed for your home’s small, medium and large spaces, with a subtle fragrance that freshens without being overpowering.


Engineered to handle life’s toughest messes, our flex trash bags offer continual mil thickness from top to bottom, stretching to contain your mess.

Our trash bags are made with just the right amount of thickness for the job - Learn more about trash bag strength and MIL thickness Trash Bag Thickness.


Colors that complement your home décor with a little bit of fun, we aim to transform your space from ordinary to extraordinary.

Gentle, fresh, never overpowering scents; captivate your senses with just the right amount of fragrance to escape the ordinary.


Color Scents offers the same quality and strength as other leading national brands. We care about the details, and your wallet.

Made in the USA

Our trash bags are proudly made in Aurora, Illinois and Victoria, Texas

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Color Scents trash bags are a product of Berry Global, a manufacturer and marketer of plastic packaging products. Berry is a global leader in plastic recycling, sustainability and community engagement partnerships.

Berry Global Website 

5 star rating

“Great bag for the price. Not a strong scent that overpowers the nose.”

5 star rating

“Great buy! These trash bags are perfect for your small trash cans. They smell lovely!”

5 star rating

“Durability for bathroom bin and bedroom bins has never failed. Thank you for your product.”

5 star rating

“Bought them and share with my sister. We love your product.”

5 star rating

“Well made and subtle but nice scent.”

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