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Trash cans have a very important role in keeping our homes neat and tidy. However, it is an item that we do very little research on prior to purchasing. When it comes to trash cans, size matters. Purchase a too-small can for your kitchen, and you’re stuck with annoying trash overflow. Buy an overly large trash can for a smaller room, and you risk taking up valuable floor space that can be used otherwise.

Determining what size trash can your home needs doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With a few tips, you can be on your way to finding the perfect can for every room.

Tip #1: Choose Your Trash Can Size According to the Room

In most households, the largest trash bin is in the kitchen because that’s typically where the most trash is created. A standard-sized kitchen trash bin has a capacity of around 13 gallons and you’ll need a comparably sized trash bag to fit. Color Scents Tall Kitchen trash bags fit in most standard sized kitchen trash bins with a little fold-over. With built-in odor control, they are the perfect complement to your kitchen trash. 13-gallon bins are also nice for collecting trash in the garage or basement areas.

Bathrooms require a much different trash bin, as toilet paper and other lightweight waste is what’s disposed there. Trash cans with a 4-gallon capacity are usually sufficient and pair nicely with Color Scents Small Bathroom trash bags in a variety of colors and scents suited for any bathroom décor.

Bedrooms and offices generally create less mess than in the kitchen, but more than in a bathroom. While the exact size can vary, generally a bedroom trash can will be approximately 8 gallons. Other trash cans of this size are often placed in offices, laundry rooms and under cabinet spaces.

Tip #2: Go by How Much Trash You Create

If you throw food and recyclables in the same bin, you will likely need, at minimum a 13-gallon trash can. We understand that separating trash may not be the most fun chore, however, implementing composting and/or recycling could save you some space, in which case an 8-gallon trash can would be sufficient. And as an added bonus, think of the good you’ll do for the planet!

Tip #3: Gauge the Amount of Space That You have

Choose your trash can according to the amount of space available. Large trash cans will not fit well in a small kitchen where an under-the-cabinet bin is helpful for preserving space. An 8-gallon trash can will typically work well here. If you have a larger kitchen, a 13-gallon can is convenient. Pair a stainless steel can with a Simply Clean silver tall kitchen trash bag, and you’ve got a solution that complements most kitchen décor.

Size is an important factor when selecting the right trash can for your space. When in doubt, measure how much space you have before purchasing.

Tip #4: How many people live in your home

The number of people who live in your home is a big factor in how much trash you create, and the more trash you create, ultimately the larger the bin your family will need. Individuals living alone can likely get by with an 8- gallon can. If you have more people in your home (especially one with kids or pets), you will likely need a larger bin. It also boils down to how often you take out your trash. Obviously, the larger the can, the less often the need to change out your trash. However, we recommend emptying your trash as often as possible to prevent bad odors from taking over your space.

Finally, don’t forget about the trash bag! It’s important to select trash bags that fit your cans. Most standard trash bags list the accompanying can size for ease of purchase. With trash bags available in a variety of colors, scents and closure types, selecting the right trash bag can be less of a chore and more of an experience in enhancing your home’s décor.