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There is nothing better than puppy cuddles and puppy kisses. A puppy can bring so much joy and help to make your house a home. But, having a puppy isn’t all rainbows. Just like humans, animals have basic needs such as being fed, playing, sleeping, and yes, even waste elimination. The most important thing you can do for your puppy is to properly train them, including potty training. As a dog mom of 2 puppies, Lou and Henri, I’d like to think I know a little about potty training. Here are my tips and tricks to having a successful potty-training experience with your new best friend.

Lou & Henri

Lou & Henri

Stick to a schedule

Consistency is key when potty training. Taking frequent trips outside is the best way to set you and your puppy up for success. First thing in the morning, right before bed, and a million times in between. If time management is not your strength, set an alarm every two hours to take your puppy out.

Watch & listen for potty clues

As your puppy grows, be observant of their behavior and body language. Is your puppy sniffing around? Walking around in circles? Scratching at the door? If your puppy is whining or barking, they may be trying to tell you it’s time to go outside. Lou & Henri let us know when they need to go outside by ringing a bell that we have hanging on the door knob. Training your dog to ring a bell to communicate that they need to go outside can be done at any age, but can be particularly helpful when potty training a puppy. After all, every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.

Designate a potty zone

Do you want your puppy to eliminate in your backyard, the flower bed, or maybe a small patch of grass on the side of your home? The best way to train your puppy on where you want them to eliminate is to show them. Guide your puppy. We use a 5-foot standard leash when we take Lou & Henri out to go potty vs. a retractable leash. The standard fixed leash puts you, the owner, in control. Save the retractable leash for when your puppy is older and potty training is in the past!

Use a potty word

It’s not often we are given permission to use “potty language”. When outside, using a verbal command to let your puppy know what they should be doing will help clear up play time confusion. “Go potty” or “Potty time” are great verbal cues that are short and specific when taking your puppy out. Choose your words wisely as, again, consistency is key.

Celebrate success

Always have a treat handy when potty training your puppy. Instant reward encourages repeat behaviors. Milk-Bone has a great line of mini dog treats perfectly sized for a small reward. Two for a number two will be appreciated by your puppy!

Be prepared

Be prepared for an accident. Be prepared to reward positive behavior. Be prepared for pet elimination clean-up. Being prepared while potty training your puppy will ease the experience for both you and your puppy. Set up a spot in your home, close to the door outside where you have designated your “potty spot”, and place all your potty supplies in one spot. We recommend using Color Scents 4-gall Bathroom small trash bags. Perfectly sized for disposing of pet waste or storing treats to reward positive behavior.