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Able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities.
"A versatile trash bag"
Similar: adaptable, flexible, multitalented

Most people don’t think of your typical household trash bag as versatile. But, did you know that a trash bag is one of the most versatile items in your home? To get the biggest bang for your buck, we’ve put together a list of the Top 10 Out of the Box Trash Bag Uses for you and your wallet!

  1. Picnic Pick-up – Do you remember playing the picnic game when you were younger? The game where the leader starts by saying what they are bringing on the picnic and only certain things are allowed based on a pattern?
    Leader: I’m going on a picnic and I am bringing Raspberries.
    Player 2: Can I bring Strawberries?
    Leader: Yes. You can bring Strawberries.
    Player 3: Can I bring Trash Bags?
    Leader: Why yes! Yes, you can!
    Be a leader and make sure to always bring a trash bag or two to dispose of your picnic waste properly.
  2. Tailgate Essential – Planning to tailgate this football season? You’ve probably already started a mental list of all the things you need for a successful and fun pre-game event. But just like you don’t want your team to lose, make sure you are set up to win the tailgate by packing clean-up essentials.
    • Disposable plates, utensils, napkins make it easy to toss your waste away and avoid transporting dirty dishes back home in your car
    • Wipes or towels are essential for easy clean-up of spills and condiment drips
    • Trash Bags. Fill and toss before heading into the game to cheer on your team. It’s a win-win! Bonus tip – bring 2, one for true trash and one for recycling all those tailgate cans and bottles!
  3. Pet Waste – Besides your puppy, a small trash bag is the perfect companion for walks around the block or an afternoon at the dog park. Where traditional dog waste bags are sized for one pet waste pick up, Color Scents 4-gallon trash bags are perfectly sized to handle a second potty trip. Fill trash bag with waste, tie knot close and tight. There is plenty of space left in the balance of the trash bag for an unexpected pick up. Our Puppy Potty Training post will help to keep pet waste where it belongs, outside!
  4. Diaper Bag – As a new mom, we are great at making lists. ✓Hospital list ✓Nursery list ✓Diaper bag list. But did you know that trash bags should be on all of these lists? Color Scents 4-gallon trash bags are a diaper bag essential! Not only are they available in fun colors to complement your diaper bag, but they smell great and help to mask the unwanted odor of your little one stinky diaper.
  5. Diaper Pail Liner – Remember that list above? Nursey. You may not have had trash bags on your list, thinking you needed to invest in the expensive diaper pail liner. The good news is that many Diaper Pails can be used with a standard household trash bag. We’ve done the research for you to help you save more and get one more thing checked off your list! ✓✓
  6. Rain Poncho – Forget to check your weather app this morning on your way to your son’s afternoon track meet? Good thing you have a roll of trash bags in your car for on-the-go organization and clean up. Cut a small neck hole at the bottom and on either side for your arms and your covered. You’ve never get caught in the rain without protection again. Bonus tip – that roll of trash bags you packed to the tailgate? They’ve got you covered when the weather turns wet just before kickoff!
  7. Off Season Storage – Space is at a premium in most of our homes. Especially our closets. Packing up and storing off season clothing is a great option to free up that much needed space. For even more space, ditch the oversized box or plastic container and opt for a 13-gallon trash bag.
  8. Clothing Donation – Prior to storing your off–season clothing, it’s always a good time to sort through and only keep what brings you joy (thanks Marie Kondo!) Toss the remaining items in an easy to manage and carry 13-gallon trash bag and drop at your local thrift store to spark joy in its next owner!
  9. Pack Hanging Clothes – Moving can be exhausting. And packing up clothes just to unpack, ugh. Don’t take your clothes off the hanger to fold and pack when you are just going to have to rehang them after you move. Slip the trash bag over a group of hanging clothes, pull up the sides, and tie at the top around the hangers. Not only does it save time but protects your clothing as well.
  10. Packing Material – Shipping something and there is excess space in the box and you’re worried about things moving too much in transport? Ball up a trash bag or two to fill in gaps. Fill a smaller trash bag like a balloon to fill even more space. To really get the best bang for your buck, reuse the trash bags to discard trash once they have reached their final destination.

Whether you are shopping for trash bags for traditional or out of the box end use, Color Scents has what you need. We make it easy by using traditional product headline categories on our packaging:

  • Bathroom
  • Laundry & Office
  • Medium Kitchen
  • Tall Kitchen

Make sure you are shopping for the Right Size Trash by Room, we’ve got you covered there too!