SustainabilityMay 2022

Many warehouse and manufacturing facilities are packed full of plastic stretch film used in shipping of palletized raw materials that is often discarded. These discarded materials do not need to end up in our landfills.

We have partnered with industry leading trailblazers to manage plastic waste and recycling streams to collect, shred, wash, melt and pelletize back into raw materials.

The post-consumer recycled resin is then used in combination with virgin resin to create new products that meet the goals for the recycled content for consumer end use.

Closed Loop Recycling Process

Closed Loop Recycling

  • reduces the use of virgin materials
  • preserves natural resources
  • decreases environmental pollution
  • reduces landfill waste
  • minimizes the risk of harm to wildlife
Did you know?

Post-consumer Recycled (PCR) Resin

material generated by the end-users of products that has fulfilled its intended purpose or can no longer be used example – pallet shrink wrap

Post-industrial Recycled (PIR) Resin

material diverted during manufacturing process or that entered the recycling stream prior to reaching end user example – manufacturing scraps

PCR + PIR = Recovered Plastics

combination can help to achieve a higher total recycled content